Growth Driver #6 – Create a Road Map to Success

Remember Emerson, the journey is the destination!

In a recent webinar with Domo, hosted by Bob Kelly of the Sales Management Association, we discussed Optimizing the Sales Machine and the major impediments to building a Sales Machine that yields predictable, scalable results. 

In our conversation, one of the points that resonated was Sales Manager’s need for a causal road map to success, one that breaks a desired outcome down into specific interconnected activities and goals which are correlated to, and ensure, success. To establish a road map to success, we recommend utilizing the following framework.









While simplistic, this framework is powerful because it  re-establishes fundamental connections between activities, that reps and managers can manage, influence, and measure on a day-to-day basis, and interim goals that are highly correlated with the attainment of business outcomes (aka Success).

Gone are the days of focusing solely on the destination, without thinking about the journey. Equipped with this road map, managers can now have much more specific conversations with their reps about why opportunities are progressing the way they are and how they are going to act to intervene. And, reps can focus deliberately on activities and course corrections, marking their progress by the attainment of interim goals, with growing confidence they will achieve success.

If you have recently created a Road Map or re-established links between activities, goals, and outcomes, please comment here or on Tweet us at @Evergreengrowth.

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